Summer Vacation COLD BREW blend

Boom Town Roasters

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*We recommend this blend ground coarse for cold brew!*

For those local to Alpena who loved the Unlucky Cat Cafe nitro coffee, this is the blend for you! This smooth and malty combination of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans creates a bold cold brew. We then add a bit of highly sought-after Kona beans, straight from Hawaii, for an extra boost of buttery mouthfeel. 

Kona is grown in a very small location in Hawaii, and beans are hand-picked. This causes the price of Kona to be dramatically higher than most other green coffee beans - costing up to 10 times as much as other varieties!

Our Kona is carefully roasted in 1/2 lb increments on our sample roaster to ensure consistency, and it is then blended with our favorite cold brew base to create the best iced coffee for all of your summer activities ! Learn more about Kona Coffee here.


For cold brew, we recommend using a 1:4 ratio of coarse ground beans to filtered water for a cold brew concentrate. Brew 12-24 hours and then dilute to taste (start with 1:4 concentrate to water).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review