Our Story


Darmanin Industries was founded in 2021 by Grace and Brandon Riemer. Both partners grew up in entrepreneurial atmospheres, helping run their respective family businesses by bussing tables or running cash registers since they can remember. In 2016, their paths crossed while managing separate business on Mackinac Island, MI. Business ownership was always their destined path. 
In 2018 they opened a food truck in their hometown of Alpena, MI, but after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the duo decided to change courses and opt for a more e-commerce/B2B driven business. It was from this desire that Darmanin Industries was born. 

Grace and Brandon found a spot in the heart of Alpena that, with a bit of a makeover, would become the headquarters for Darmanin Industries and soon thereafter, Boom Town Roasters.



Boom Town Roasters was a dream long in the making. You might not believe it, but once upon a time both Grace and Brandon would have turned their noses at any cup of coffee. But in 2015, Grace began working as a barista on Mackinac Island and became hooked on coffee after her first sip of a mocha. From then on she worked almost exclusively in cafes and began exploring all that the coffee world has to offer. In 2020, due to staffing shortages and high production demands, Grace began working as an assistant roaster in Alpena, MI. Together, Grace and Brandon began diving down the rabbit hole that is coffee roasting and soon decided to release their own label called Boom Town Roasters.

Why "Boom Town"? Their love for Alpena shows in everything they do, down to the name. Alpena, MI has a long history of industry, from fishing and logging to the modern cement factories. Alpena has had it's flux in business and population, but it was never deserted and has thus become known as "the boom town that forgot to bust."