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Our decaffeinated Mexico is a staple for those looking for flavor without jitters or caffeine-induced anxiety. This Mexico has soft nutty notes making it a great day-drinker. We source Mountain Water Processed decaf coffees, which we believe helps maintain the integrity of the coffee's original flavors.

Read how it works from our importer's description:

"Our water-processed decafs are done in a facility in Mexico called Descamex. In order to remove the caffeine in this process, green coffee is soaked in a water solution, which removes both the caffeine as well as other solubles in the coffee (flavor compounds, for instance). The water is removed from the seeds and run through a special filter that captures caffeine molecules and allows them to be strained from the solution. The solution—now containing flavor compounds but no caffeine—is then reintroduced to the green coffee seeds, which reabsorb the soluble materials. The coffee is then dried once more, and prepared for reexport."